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izneet has been engaged in the eyelash production industry for more than ten years. The eyelashes we produce are well-known in the industry. We provide the most competitive products for the cooperation and win-win customers with guaranteed product delivery and design as a breakthrough. izneet tightly arranged eyelashes can provide you with all eyelash-related products to meet your customers' needs for eyelash grafting




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IZNEET Company Workforce

The IZNEET company is backed by more than 100 employees under the production department and team management. 20people on the Sales Team,10 on the research and Development Department,and 70+ experienced workers.

IZNEET Product Testing

If you want to check product quality before official order,please contact our sales team!

Our History

July 1, 2006

Headquarters established

Established in South Korea, operating product company raw material export, catering and clothing import and export

July 1, 2006

January 1, 2012

China Production and Processing Branch

The production department of China’s chemical enterprises, the processing, production and sales of high temperature in China, the puffing processing and processing technology, while also ensuring the quality and quality of products from materials to finished products

January 1, 2012

December 1, 2018

Inflammation Division December

The close-packed export sales are mainly aimed at the sales business of major customers in the United States and Europe, providing one-stop service from products to the entire process, and also providing products and OEM services for offline retail supermarkets around the world.

December 1, 2018

Why Choose Us

Izneet carries the largest selection of eyelash extensions and accessories. Access our customer service experts and choose the product you need to do customization.And more,you can purchase Izneet products at a more competitive price compared to other suppliers in the market!

R & D Innovation

IZNNET has an independent R & D Innovation department which can provide customers with new product development services

Low Cost

IZNNET eyelash company uses special technology allowing low-cost production for affordable products.

Trusted Company

IZNNET eyelash company has been worked with many known clients for years and numbers just won’t stop.

High Quality

Materials used by Izneet are the best PBT fiber. All lashes are inspected meeting the industry standard.

Reliable Service

24/7 online customer support – have your concerns attended by our sales and support professionals

Safe and Secure

All lash products are backed by the company’s 6-month warranty policy. Experience the ease of requesting returns and refunds when required.

Meet The Team​

These are the main members of our company. Everyone has made important contributions to the development of the company.



Company founder, fashion designer

Innes wang


Company co-founder, art designer, product development engineer

Leo Jackson


Product manufacturing designer

Becky Doe

product designer

Sales Manager

Our Happy Clients!

I am a makeup artist in a salon and I have been using izneet’s eyelash extension. The curvature and warpage of the eyelashes are stable and will not be deformed due to the passage of time, so I insist on purchasing izneet products because they are trustworthy because of their quality.

Jemma Stone

CEO, Acme Beauty

I am from New York and I have been engaged in personal beauty care for 10 years. I purchase all customers’ eyelash grafting needs from izneet. The color and tone of the eyelashes are very stable. My customers are very satisfied and trustworthy.

Kelly Joe


As a quick beauty practitioner, our market needs to quickly replenish makeup or make-up for customers outdoors. The small set of izneet is very suitable for such scenes. The portable mixed eyelash extension and mini glue are very convenient. At the same time, izneet also provides quick hair Goods service, you can ensure that I have sufficient products at any time

Stella Alba


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