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As a leading Eyelash Manufacturer & Supplier,IZNEET utilizes only the best materials today on creating top lashes that strictly complies to the industry and global market standards.

Eyelash Extension Product List

IZNEET Eyelash Extension Advantages

IZNEET can produce various kinds of lashes including volume lashes,classic lashes,flat lashes,color lashes,YY lashes, W lashes,V lashes and easy fan lashes.

Best raw material

IZNEET use the highest quality South Korean PBT fiber,which are with good and stable shine. About tips,There are short,medium and long; About colors,there are matte,semi matte and glossy black,which can meet different customers’ needs.

High Density

IZNEET eyelash is very neat.And the density of l ashes on each strip is good,which can help your customers make fans easily

Mature shaping process

IZNEET owns mature shaping process to keep the curl of each lashes last longer,which will reduce the procurement cost and customer complaints.

Strict inspection procedures

IZNEET have professional inspectors.All lashes will be double checked including colors,curl and thickness etc,before sending out to ensure the lash quality.

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Why choose IZNEET Eyelash Manufacturer

IZNEET has a reputation of being one of the best eyelash extension supplier for many years.We offer customized service to help you build and expand brands. Our customers and clients have trusted us for years due to our efficient response to their demands,quality requirements,and our expertise in the field of eyelash extension manufacturing.

Customer Support

We have 24/7 online customer support team, helpping you solve any problem about our products.

Service Coverage

IZNEET operates globally. We cover different regions from USA, Europe, Asia, and more.


IZNEET Eyelash Manufacturer & Supplier has over 10 years of field expertise and experience.

Cost Saver

The company innovates to both custom and conventional demands creating cost-saving solutions.


Product Warranty applies to all products under IZNEET Eyelash Manufacturer for risk-free purchases.

What Our Clients Say!

I am a makeup artist in a salon and I have been using izneet’s eyelash extension. The curvature and warpage of the eyelashes are stable and will not be deformed due to the passage of time, so I insist on purchasing izneet products because they are trustworthy because of their quality.

Jemma Stone

CEO, Acme Beauty

I am from New York and I have been engaged in personal beauty care for 10 years. I purchase all customers’ eyelash grafting needs from izneet. The color and tone of the eyelashes are very stable. My customers are very satisfied and trustworthy.

Kelly Joe


As a quick beauty practitioner, our market needs to quickly replenish makeup or make-up for customers outdoors. The small set of izneet is very suitable for such scenes. The portable mixed eyelash extension and mini glue are very convenient. At the same time, izneet also provides quick hair Goods service, you can ensure that I have sufficient products at any time

Stella Alba


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